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Call For Papers

    Original contributions from researchers describing their original, unpublished, research contribution which is not currently under review by another conference or journal and addressing state-of-the-art research are invited to share their work in all areas of Information and Communication Technologies and its applications in field field for engineering and management but not limited to the conference tracks.

    Paper Submission

      Submissions of high quality papers in all areas of ICT and its applications. The submissions are handled only through the

      website at:


      Important Dates

      1st June , 2019

      30th September, 2019
      22nd October, 2019

      30th September, 2019
      22nd October, 2019

      As Per Notification

      As Per Notification

      13th - 14th, December 2019

      ICTCS-2019 will also have a set of keynotes and tutorials which will be announced later

      Track 1: ICT for Infrastructure and Computation

      Big Data and Data Mining, Data Fusion
      IoT programming toolkits and frameworks
      Green communication systems and network
      IoT prototypes and evaluation test-beds
      Spatial and temporal reasoning for IoT
      Ubiquitous computing, Ambient Intelligence
      Sensor Networks and Embedded System
      Network and information security, Wireless and optical networks
      Identity Management and Object Recognition
      Security, Trust, and Privacy, Routing and Control Protocols
      Scalability, Reliability, Usability, and Robustness
      Broadband wireless access, Mobile backhaul for small cells
      Multiple antenna techniques, Cognitive radio and networks

      Track 2: ICT for Engineering Applications

      Collaboration Technologies and Systems
      Embedded Systems, Natural Language Processing
      Environmental Computing, Agricultural Engineering for ICT Applications
      ICT Applications for Electrical and Intelligent Engineering
      Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology
      Numerical & Symbolic Computation
      Mechanical Drawing & Computer Graphics
      Gender Issues, Geo Information, GIS, Green Computing, Multimedia
      Civil and Architectural Engineering
      ICT Trends for Engineering Structure, Architectural Economics
      Human Computer Interaction
      Robotics, Information Technology for People with Special Needs
      Nano Technology Software Tools, ICT Applications for fluid Dynamics

      Track 3: ICT for e-Governance and Government

      ICT and Society, Technology for Governance
      E-government applications for ICT
      E-governance: Economics and Development
      Best practices & Technologies in ICT
      Virtualization & Cloud Computing for Government
      Leadership for E-government & ICT
      Mobile Governance in ICT, ICT Standards for effective Communication strategies
      Change Management for ICT, Policy Frameworks in ICT
      Reforms & Acts in ICT
      Legal framework for e-Governance to implement ICT Applications
      e-Agriculture and its applications for ICT
      E-governance & Policy for ICT, Inter-governmental issues for ICT
      Strategies for ICT in Government, Best Practices in E-government

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